Water ByOmica www.OmicaOrganics.com 800-613-6311 [email protected] We at Omica understand the importance of clean, healthful water. We are proud to introduce our new line of “Water By Omica”water filtration systems! Whole House 3 stage Fluoride & Arsenic Filter Omica’s new fluoride filter will reduce fluoride and arsenic levels for your entire house! Item #845 Whole House "Big Black" 3 stage Fluoride & Arsenic Filter Item #846 Whole House Filtration - Fluoride & Arsenic Cartridge Item #847 Whole House Filtration - Sediment Cartridge Two (4.5”by 20”) cartridges compacted with 14 pounds activated alumina will lower fluoride and arsenic levels. The sediment cartridge will protect the fluoride cartridges and home appliances from the clogging and damaging effects of sediment (dirt, sand & debris) build up. Built-in stand for easy setup without mounting to a wall. Item #843 Big Black Bath & Shower Filter Item #844 Big Black Garden Filter Each of these will have two (4.5”by 20”) cartridges Big Black 2 Stage Filters Coming Soon