Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash Omica’s Botanical Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Wash are made with high quality Fermented Probiotics, Organic Rosemary® Essential Oil, Exotic Fruits and Hypo-Allergenic Soap Nut. Our improved Shampoo and Conditioner now contain Turmeric CO2 Oil. #611 100% Plant Based Shampoo (9 fl oz) #612 100% Plant Based Conditioner (9 fl oz) #630 100% Plant Based Body Wash (9 fl oz) 800-613-6311 [email protected] Omica Organics’Magnesium Chloride, sourced from Ancient Inland Ocean Minerals, is a pure, highly potent, unique and naturally-occuring form of Magnesium Chloride with over 70 Trace Minerals. #460 Magnesium Oil Spray (4 fl oz) #229 Magnesium Oil Spray w/ Biodynamic® Lavender (4 fl oz) Magnesium Oil Sprays Miron Glass Bottles Item #218 Miron Violet Glass - 1L Item #254 Miron Violet Glass - 500 mL Keep your water crisp and fresh in one of our special Miron Violet Glass bottles. Can also be used to help preserve potency, taste, and storage life of ingredients by protecting them from the quality-reducing properties of light.