b'Organic Treasures of IndiaAvailable in BULK!One-of-a-kind ingredients, cleanly and minimally processed without using harsh solvents to retain a more complete and balanced spectrum, preserving each herbs natural nutrients and beneficial qualities.OurOrganic Treasures of India are new, original raw materials, specially produced in our NOP Organic, Star-K Kosher, ISO, GMP-Compliant facility in India. In addition to the many products we carry in stock, we specialize in custom ingredients designed to your specifications.Organic Treasures of IndiaFreeze Dried Juice PowdersCertified Organic, Star-K Kosher, 100-Fold Available Bulk and Retail SizesOur organic freeze-dried juice powders have a longer shelf life and take up less space when compared to fresh juice. It takes 100 kg of fresh juice to equal just 1 kg of our freeze dried juice powder. Freeze-dried Organic Juice Powders:Amla, Turmeric and Ginger (100-Fold)[email protected]'