b'Omica Organics Stevia:A Healthy Way To Add Some Sweet To Your Smoothie!Organic Liquid Stevia Only slightly filtered, leaving the beneficial nutrients intact. Not reconstituted from white powdered stevia extract. The result is an aromatic, dynamic sweetness without the bitterness associated with other stevia products.Organic essential oils and organic flavors No artificial colors or preservativesVegetarian/Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free#101Organic Liquid Stevia, Plain (2 fl oz)#102Organic Liquid Stevia, Vanilla (2 fl oz)#103Organic Liquid Stevia, Butterscotch Toffee (2 fl oz)#104Organic Liquid Stevia, Sweet Blossom (2 fl oz)AVAILABLE IN BULK!Many of our Organic Liquid Stevias are now available in 32 fl oz BULK!More Organic Liquid Stevia Flavors Coming Soon:Lemon, Peppermint, Cocoa, and [email protected]'