b'VitalizersOmicas unique vitalizers help protect from electromagnetics. Ths vitalizer contain the same activated Shungite as used in our shower filter to help reduce electromagnetics and radiation present in water.#060Vortex Copper Vitalizer (low frequency)#061Vortex Copper Vitalizer (high-frequency)Clear Glass Bottles Micronized ZeoliteOmicas Zeolite Elixir powder is to be taken as a dietary supplement. Use our Zeolite Extrinsic Powder along with laundry detergent to help remove residue and toxins from clothing. You can also add Extrinsic Powder to your foot bath.#350 SuperZLite Zeolite Elixir Powder (4 oz)#353 SuperZLite Zeolite Extrinsic Powder (2 lb)Coming Soon: SuperZLite Zeolite Capsules & LiquidOmica recognizes the impact of our business practices on the people we encounter, the lifestyles we influence, and the preservation of our planet.We are mindful of where and how our ingredients are sourced and closely monitor production methods.'