www.OmicaOrganics.com 800-613-6311 [email protected] Shower Head Options (not compatible with handheld shower hose) #853 Solid Brass Double-Vortex Shower Head, Chrome Plated #854 Solid Brass Shower Head, Natural Brass Finish #855 Solid Brass Shower Head, Chrome Plated Handheld Shower Set Options: Solid brass angled shower head, shower arm wall mount, food-grade silicone-lined hose, and food-grade silicone washers #901 Handheld Shower Set, Brass 5 ft #856 Handheld Shower Head, Brass #857 Wall Mount, Brass #858 4 ft hose, Brass #859 5 ft hose, Brass #903 Handheld Shower Set, Chrome 5 ft #866 Handheld Shower Head, Chrome Plated #867 Wall Mount, Chrome Plated #868 4 ft hose, Stainless Steel #869 5 ft hose, Stainless Steel #850 Silicone Washers (10-pack) The first in market all-brass shower heads and handheld showers with silicone washers and inner tubing instead of plastic to reduce offgassing. Lead-Free, Solid Brass Tip: Use our Handheld Sets in conjunction with the Omica Shower Filter to fill your tub with clean, filtered water!