www.OmicaOrganics.com 800-613-6311 [email protected] Stevia Extract Powder For a more consistent sweetness and taste. Stevia Powders, Kosher & Organic Omica Organics’Stevia Extract Powder is the best tasting stevia sweetener available. Gently processed from the highest grade of certified organic stevia leaves to yield a deliciously sweet and smooth-tasting zero-calorie sweetener. #160 Stevia Extract Powder in Shaker Bottle (1.2 oz) AVAILABLE IN BULK! Organic Stevia Extract Powder 98% Reb-A (50 g, 250 g, 1 kg, 5 kg) Organic Stevia Extract Powder 85% Reb-A (500 g, 1 kg, 5 kg) • 400 Times Sweeter than Cane Sugar • Zero Calories, Zero Carbs, Zero Sugar • 100% Stevia, 100% Natural, No Fillers • Certified Organic and Star-K Kosher • Vegetarian/Vegan, Gluten-Free, Raw Omica’s gentle TruExtract™ processing method uses no enzymes, methane, hexane, or ethyl acetate, allowing Omica’s stevia to meet the high standards for both USDA Organic and Kosher certification. No additives, fillers or chemical residues. Omica recognizes the impact of our business practices on the people we encounter, the lifestyles we influence, and the preservation of our planet. We are mindful of where and how our ingredients are sourced and closely monitor production methods.