#484 Magnesium Flakes w/ Organic Orange & Lemon Peel (1.6 lb) #487 Magnesium Flakes w/ Organic Rosemary (1.6 lb) #860 Hand-Hammered Copper Foot Bath Bowl MORE SIZES AVAILABLE Magnesium Flakes are also available in 3.6 lb and 6.8 lb canisters! Unwind With A Therapeutic Foot-Bath Enjoy the rejuvenating benefits of Magnesium Chloride. Produced in the USA with no artificial ingredients, flavorings, or coloring. Use with our hand-hammered copper foot baths. Custom-designed for Omica Organics, these beautiful light-weight bowls are perfect for soaking, reflexology work, and pedicures. Big enough to accomodate even larger, adult feet and manufactured using no varnish, ammonia or oxidized chemicals.