www.OmicaOrganics.com 800-613-6311 [email protected] Omica Organics provides natural, bioavailable health supplements and grocery items for mindful, informed consumers. We strive to preserve the nutritive value and vitality of every ingredient in our organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, low glycemic, kosher, raw, vegan/ vegetarian, healthy and natural products. Many of our methodologies and formulations are entirely exclusive to our company. We are mindful of where and how our ingredients are sourced and closely monitor production methods. Omica recognizes the impact of our business practices on the people we encounter, the lifestyles we inuence, and the preservation of our planet. We sell our finished products to local health stores, as well as providing bulk ingredients to large manufacturers. Because we also sell in bulk, Omica Organics has the volume to partner directly with the source, avoiding the inconsistency and questionable practices of the common market. We are able to work closely with growers and processors in the US and around the world, oering the best products in ways that promote sustainability and eco-awareness. We are passionate about paying fair wages and prices, maintaining honesty and responsibility, and promoting respect and goodwill. We use no fillers or articial ingredients and only non-gelatin vegetarian capsules. No synthetic preservatives are found in our products. We use organic vegetable glycerin (made fresh specically for our use; and not sourced from industrial byproducts) along with organic, biodynamic grape alcohol to preserve our products when it’s necessary. We fully disclose our product ingredients; if it is in there, you’ll see it listed on the label. Omica does not, nor have we ever tested on animals. Omica Organics in pursuit of the absolute