Shilajit Extract Powder and Paste Our low-heat raw extraction method produces a Shilajit abundant in naturally occurring high concentrations of Fulvic Acid and plant-based trace minerals, with amino acids still intact, and which is very, very low in heavy metals. • Wildcrafted and Certied Star-K Kosher • Naturally High Fulvic Acid Content • No Fertilizers, Chemicals, Pesticides • Low-Heat extraction (below 94°F and solvent-free) • All Natural, Raw, Vegan/Vegetarian, Gluten-Free • Not Irradiated • No Fillers or Binders High-Himalayan Shilajit Paste harvested at over 16,000 ft #393 High-Himalayan Shilajit Paste/Resin (1 oz) High-Himalayan Shilajit Powder & Capsules harvested at over 8,000 ft #398 High-Himalayan Shilajit (1.1 lb pouch) #395 High-Himalayan Shilajit (2 oz pouch) #396 High-Himalayan Shilajit (3.7 oz glass jar) #397 High-Himalayan Shilajit (8.8 oz pouch) #394 High-Himalayan Shilajit Powder Capsules (90 caps) w/ Ashwagandha, Turmeric, and Ginger Made with High Himalayan Shilajit Extract, Full-spectrum Organic Ashwagandha Root and Leaf, Organic Ginger, Fresh and Aged Organic Amla Extract, full spectrum Organic Turmeric Root Powder high in Curcumin and Turmerone Oil. All ingredients bonded with Green and Aged Amla Extract to further enhance the health benefits.